Steel Finishes


The goal with finish applications is to firstly protect the steel from corrosion, and secondly to further enhance the timeless aesthetic of the frames with a top coating system which will also ensure the greatest possible longevity into the future.


In coastal, high humidity, high pollution areas, galvanising the steel will provide a heavy-duty corrosion resistant coating. Generally used in structural steelwork, the galvanising process can leave the steel with an uneven surface so must be dressed smooth by hand in the workshop. The heat of the hot dipping process can cause the steel to warp and must then be checked and straightened.


Following the galvanising process a brush blast must occur for the frames to exhibit a good surface for the wet paint system to have adherence.

An Epoxy primer is applied to create a compatible interlayer between the galvanised surface and the paint coating systems to follow. An intermediary MIO paint coating is applied to create a heavier paint barrier, followed by the top coat.

Murabond, an Australian paint company has a single pack MIO mixed colour in its new range called Urban that has a beautiful application on our steel frames. Great for site touch up in future years.

In some instances a zinc rich high-build epoxy primer coating over scrupulously clean steel is completely sufficient, and eliminates problems galvanised surfaces can exhibit with adherence of top coating. We then follow up with a professionally sprayed wet paint system with a high build ZINC PRIMER, MIO and topcoat in a recommended colour from our range.


Another option is for the units to be installed in the high build epoxy primed condition and then site painted by others. Eliminating the opportunity for the finish coat to be scratched during the freight and installation period of the project. The set back here is that not all areas will be accessible for the finish coat and also the necessitation for the hardware to be removed, however a careful hand applied system as mentioned above can be highly successful.


An Architecture grade powder coating system can be completely adequate in more protected situations. Powder-coating over scrupulously clean sandblasted steel, followed by a zinc rich epoxy primer, then with a secondary intermediate METAPREP protective coating. Top coated and Texture black, Anodic bronze or Asteroid are our favourites, an architectural pearlescent textured grade finish that gives the frames a beautiful classical edge.

WRAPPING FOR INSTALL; the frames are plastic wrapped for delivery and install but invariably the frames require site touch up after install, this is taken care of by our detail crew.

MAINTENANCE of your paintwork: Rain will keep your paintwork washed clean, if not exposed to rain or in salt environment it is recommended to keep the paint clean of pollutants and salt with wash down. Any damage in the painted surface should be touched up. Touch up kits are provided with our service.



Contemporary Metro
Time tested and urban neutral; subtle hues complement the design nature of the modern day metropolis with understated perl finishes and contemporary tones.

Raw Harmony
Reminiscent of the industrialised past, raw metallic tones combine with the raw aesthetic of nature through grainy textured finishes, weathered tones and subtle metallics.