Architectural Hardware

Standard Hardware

“The quality of our hardware as beautiful on the inside as on the outside”.

House Of Steel PTY LTD’s love of design and performance is what keeps us a constantly evolving company. Our doors and windows are set apart by the custom hardware we design and manufacture in house as well as the handle hardware which we source from all over the world.

Precision machining and practical engineering, and careful attention to detail on the fitting ensure our products are of a superior quality throughout, built to last.

All machining is performed on state –of –the art equipment, capable of meeting small tolerances, producing uncompromising quality and lifelong performance’.

Included in our custom in house range of hardware are: Black Chrome and Oiled Bronze Lever Handles hand forged, drop bolts made by the hands of our blacksmiths, specialised bronze pull handles for bifolds, custom bronze and steel handles for dramatic entrance doors, bronze screw on hinge sets.